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Algebro-geometric constructions: theory, tools and applications
De 29/11/2017 hasta 01/12/2017

Prof. Laureano González Vega, Universidad de Cantabria, laureano.gonzalez@unican.es


Under the term algebro-geometric constructions we include an extensive collection of mathematical objects that are susceptible, under certain assumptions, of a computational or algorithmic treatment. This treatment not only has practical implications because in many cases it can be used to deep in the understanding of the purely mathematical object considered.

In this workshop under the name of algebro-geometric constructions we will consider the study of algebraic varieties, the use of geometric loci in the context of Dynamic Geometry, the manipulation of curves and surfaces commonly used in Computer Aided Geometric Design and the analysis of the systems of algebraic equations together with the underlying geometry behind the calculation of the position and attitude in global navigation satellite systems.

This workshop will focus primarily on the most recent advances concerning the fundamentals behind the computational treatment of these algebro-geometric constructions, constructions regarded as algebraic varieties from different perspectives (symbolic, numerical, hybrid, geometric, etc.) together with the introduction of several tools that are starting to be used for the study of specific geometric algebro-constructions such as offsets, bisectors, etc.

This workshop will bring the researchers from the project MTM2014-54141-P ("Construcciones algebro-geométricas: fundamentos, algoritmos y aplicaciones; http://www3.uah.es/cag_faa/indexcag_faa_es.html) funded by the Spanish Ministerio de Econom\'{\i}a y Competitividad and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) together with leading experts from the Computer Aided Geometric Design and Symbolic Computation communities.