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Modelling across the biology - mechanics interface
De 01/09/2015 hasta 04/09/2015

José Merodio, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid jose.merodio@upm.es

The aim of the Workshop is to  build upon recent work by bringing together experts in mathematical modelling at different levels, physicists and mechanics people working in the broad area of continuum mechanics and modelling.

The Workshop will include theoretical, experimental and computational modelling of the mechanics of different

materials within the framework of related theories at the continuum level. This will generate new interdisciplinary collaborations that will advance understanding of the role of mechanics, mathematics and physics in continua. Applications of continuum mechanics are expanding into a wider range of research areas. For instance, it is now fundamental in biomechanics research and has a distinct role to play in problems of materials science at different length scales.

The language of the Workshop will be English and the audience could consist mainly of mathematicians (either pure or applied), engineers (mechanical and civil), materials scientists and physicists.