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Optimal Point Configurations and Orthogonal Polynomials 2017
04/19/2017 to 04/22/2017

Prof. Carlos Beltrán, Universidad de Cantabria, carlos.beltran@unican.es


Distributing points in a set is an important and classical problem, popularized after J. J. Thomson (the discoverer of the electron) published his plum pudding model for the atom, and widely studied after the British botanist P.M.L Tammes analyzed the mathematical properties of pores in pollen particles. Modern mathematics has made enormous progress in these questions but there are still many open questions, including some of the most exciting such as the properties of minimal energy configurations and the relation to other mathematical problems ranging from complexity theory to cubature and approximation.

In the last years several excellent meetings centered in the problem of distributing points in manifolds have been held worldwide (Viena 2014, Paris, 2015, La Habana 2015). The objective of the workshop is to follow up these conferences and to explore the connections between random or optimal point configurations (discrete and also continuous measures) and orthogonal polynomials. For this reason the workshop aims at bringing together people working in these areas.

The organization will take special care to leave place for students and young researchers to present their work.

More information in http://www.opcop2017.unican.es/