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Methodological advances in Statistics related to BIG DATA
06/08/2015 to 06/12/2015

Carlos Matrán Bea (matran@eio.uva.es)

Big Data is a phenomenon involving a wide number of scenarios where a large amount of data is (or could be) available and is waiting for an appropriate analysis to extract information. Under this declaration, the society of the information is demanding qualified experts under the generic title of Data Scientists, as people able to organize, handle and analyze data sets searching for latent patterns. The subjacent challenges demand collaboration between researchers in diverse areas, including mathematics, informatics, electronic engineering or statistics. In particular, Statistics plays a major role in this emerging area and the statistical community has already produced significant progress giving support to new or renewed procedures. However a greater effort in this line should be done by promoting the interest of researchers in statistics in that direction.

This international workshop is aimed at the dissemination of the state of the art and foster the interest of young researchers to realize contributions in this promising area.

The workshop will include a series of invited lectures and two short courses. A small set of selected contributed talks will be included from the proposals presented by young researchers interested in the topic.


Scientific Committee:

Eustasio del Barrio Tellado Universidad de Valladolid

Juan A. Cuesta Albertos Universidad de Cantabria

Wenceslao González Manteiga Universidad de Santiago

Jean Michel Loubes Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III

Gabor Lugosi Universidad Pompeu Fabra

Juan Romo Urroz Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


Organizing Committee:

Carlos Matrán Bea (matran@eio.uva.es) Universidad de Valladolid

E. del Barrio (tasio@eio.uva.es) Universidad de Valladolid

Gabor Lugosi (gabor.lugosi@gmail.com) Universidad Pompeu Fabra