CIEM (International Centre for Mathematical meetings) is a join initiative of the University of Cantabria and the City Council of Castro Urdiales

CIEM's main objective is to promote quality mathematical research, both basic, applied and computacional, taking special care to multi and pluridisciplinar aspects, by organizing and supporting conferences, workshops, advanced courses and research meetings.

We hope to become un international agent promoting and hosting mathematical events of highest quality.

All individuals and groups insterested in organizing an event can ask for us to allocate it. We offer our resources (lecture room for 100 people, smaller meeting rooms, internet wifi, computer room) plus logistic and monetary support for the organization, accomodation, etc. The candidate events must meet the following requirements: 

• They have to be thematically related to mathematics or close fields (computer science, theoretical physics) and their quality be guaranteed by a scientific and/or organizing committee. 

• Their length should preferably be one week (monday to friday), but three day meetings and, exceptionally, two-week meetings are also allowed.