Matemáticas en Acción

The cycle of informative workshops "Mathematics in Action"  was launched during the 2004/05 academia course. Since then it has developed continuously and, somehow, it complements the most technical meetings promoted by the CIEM.


  • To spread the essential role of mathematics in many different fields of scientific and technical knowledge.
  • To show the application of the mathematics to real problems and to teach how mathematical models are constructed to study real problems.
  • To complete the view of the mathematics lessons offered in regular courses, offering an interdisciplinary vision
  • To become a meeting point for people from different fields who use mathematics as a basic or fundamental tool in their work or study.


Each academic year the cycle offers several workshops in which different areas of mathematics are presented. Each workshop has a descriptive part, in which different audiovisual media are used and a second part, where a practice or simple experiment that illustrates real problems is presented. When possible, we incentive the attendants to participate in these activities.

A fundamental premise is that the exposures should avoid technicalities, so participants do not need any special mathematical knowledge.

Link to the present year program