The CIEM is included in the University of Cantabria. This university  has many international experts in Mathematics and Computing, with nearly 100 teachers and researchers in the field; including Francisco Santos, who disproved the celebrated Hirsch conjecture and has received the Humboldt Prize (previously awarded  to nearly 50 Nobel Prizes) and the Fulkerson Prize among other distinctions, Carlos Beltran (Jose Luis Rubio de Francia and Stephen Smale prize) and Luis Miguel Pardo who managed to solve the "Problem 17" from the the famous list proposed by Stephen Smale as "Mathematical Challenges of the XXI Century", or, also, Enrique Castillo-Ron, who, among other distinctions, has been awarded the Spanish National Research Award "Leonardo Torres Quevedo". They are concentrated around two departments: Mathematics, Statistics and Computing (MATESCO ) and Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (MACC).

Research in Mathematics and Computing at the University of Cantabria includes  basic aspects as well applied ones emphasizing, in the last case, working with companies to develop projects related to cryptography, weather forecasting, logistics, mechanical manufacturing parts, or the integration of all software systems of a nuclear plant in a single platform.

The potential of the researchers in this field has been recognized by its inclusion in the area of ​​"Physics and Mathematics" in the Cantabria International Campus, one of the five strategic areas that make up the Campus of Excellence of the University of Cantabria and the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP). This campus is one of the nine campuses of excellence recognized as such by the Spanish Education Ministry and whose evaluations, to date, achieved the highest possible score.